Addition Practice Drill

Subtraction Practice Drill

In September, we will start multiplication speed drills to get your "license to multiply." These speed drills will be given on Tuesday and Thursday. Each speed drill contains 55 problems, and will last 3 minutes. When your child passes 10 of these speed drills they will receive their "license to multiply." Once they have their license they will begin to take division drills. It is very important that your child takes this very seriously. We will be doing long division in the spring, and it is very hard to accomplish without the knowledge of multiplication and division facts.

You only have to learn 55 facts. The rest of the facts are reversed.

0x0=0 0x1=0 0x2=0 0x3=0 0x4=0 0x5=0 0x6=0 0x7=0 0x8=0 0x9=0
1x0=0 1x1=1 1x2=2 1x3=3 1x4=4 1x5=5 1x6=6 1x7=7 1x8=8 1x9=9
2x0=0 2x1=2 2x2=4 2x3=6 2x4=8 2x5=10 2x6=12 2x7=14 2x8=16 2x9=18
3x0=0 3x1=3 2x3=6 3x3=9 3x4=12 3x5=15 3x6=18 3x7=21 3x8=24 3x9=27
4x0=0 4x1=4 2x4=8 3x4=12 4x4=16 4x5=20 4x6=24 4x7=28 4x8=32 4x9=36
5x0=0 5x1=5 5x2=10 5x3=15 5x4=20 5x5=25 5x6=30 5x7=35 5x8=40 5x9=45
6x0=0 6x1=6 6x2=12 6x3=18 6x4=24 6x5=30 6x6=36 6x7=42 6x8=48 6x9=54
7x0=0 7x1=7 7x2=14 7x3=27 7x4=28 7x5=35 7x6=42 7x7=49 7x8=56 7x9=63
8x0=0 8x1=8 8x2=16 8x3=24 8x4=32 8x5=40 8x6=48 8x7=56 8x8=64 8x9=72
9x0=0 9x1=9 9x2=18 9x3=27 9x4=36 9x5=45 9x6=54 9x7=63 9x8=72 9x9=81

Times Table Sample 1

Times Table Sample 2

Click here to practice without printing (it's fun!)


1 x's

2 x's

3 x's

4 x's

5 x's

6 x's

7 x's

8 x's

9 x's

10 x's

11 x's

12 x's

1 division

2 division

3 division

4 division

5 division

6 division

7 division

8 division

9 division

10 division

11 division

12 division

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